Well-performing replaceable cutter teeth for stump grinders

At Multi-Tip we realise that it's not just about having a great machine. The cutter system is equally, if not more important. The time it takes to change your stump grinder teeth, the way they cut, the amount of debris thrown around and of course the running costs are all very important points to consider when running a stump grinding machine, even if you only grind stumps out occasionally. The cutter wheel is at the hard end of the machine and the way the cutter wheel performs will enhance the performance of your machine if you have the correct system.

Equally, a bad performing system will cause undue wear on your machine, result in higher fuel costs, create unnecessary mess, take longer to replace teeth and ultimately increase the time it takes to complete the job in hand.

Multi-Tip carefully designs stump grinding systems with all the above in mind, selecting the best manufacturing processes and materials to deliver you the best possible combination of quality and value.


Chainsaw Attachments Terminator

Terminator tree stump grinder by Chainsaw Attachments


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MT2 stump grinder wheel

MT1 and MT2 upgrade kits, including teeth, keepers, bolts, and tools.