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Multi-Tip is a patented stump grinder cutting system offering high performance cutting of tree stumps along with the ability to change cutting teeth very quickly.

Moving over to Multi-Tip involves changing the cutter wheel. However, once changed you will benefit from all the amazing advantages, including -

 • Saving money on pockets and expensive bolts

 • A minimum of 25% better performance. GUARANTEED

 • Fast changing of blunt teeth

 • No setting as all distances are pre-set in the design of the wheel

 • Minimal non-cutting parts in contact with the soil, so less drag

 • Less flying debris

 • One tooth fits all positions

 • Small wood chips allowing fast decomposing into the ground

Users have leant that replacing the worn leading teeth for new, sharp teeth, makes the machine cut like new again. Then the dull teeth can be re-used in the non-leading positioned, as the non-leaders don’t need to be sharp to achieve high performance.

This means there is no need to sharpen the teeth, because once you have recycled them around the wheel, there isn’t much left of them.

The changing of the two leading, cutter teeth takes around two minutes and requires a simple hex key and a small hammer.

Cutter wheels are available for almost every stump grinder model on the market including

Bandit, Camon, Carlton, Danequip, Dosko, Greenmech, BM, Kandu, Kennards Redroo, Laski,  Morbark, OBMtec, Predator,  Ram, Rayco,  Universal Bingham, Vermeer,  and many more.

If your stump grinder isn’t listed above, please contact us by phone or email, because we can probably design and make a wheel especially for your machine.

Here is a link to our ‘New Wheel Design’ form which asks for specific dimensions necessary for designing your purpose made Multi-Tip wheel.

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