The ultimate choice in stump grinder teeth for performance, durability and value.

The MT2, four tipped tooth is our fastest, tidiest, most durable, best value tooth. And, it cuts like nothing else out there!


Multi-Tip achieved a patent for the original multi-tipped system and won a government award for a high level of innovation because it significantly reduced the time taken on site to replace teeth. With significantly less parts, all it takes is one bolt to hold in the equivalent of four cutting teeth.

It now has 'Patent Pending' status on its new locking system, which greatly reduces bolt stress, has even less parts, less tools required, and reduces wear to the wheel particularly when plunge cutting.

If you are new to Multi-Tip, we would recommend you fit MT2 over the original system.

As with all Multi-Tip stump grinding teeth, we only select superior grade carbide with the correct cobalt percentage formula.

If you already use the original Multi-Tip system and wish to upgrade, we are offering a 25% discount on the new wheel.


  • One concealed bolt holds four teeth into the wheel, like MT1, but this time there is much less load on the bolt
  • The wheel is doing virtually all the work, while other systems rely on large bolts to do the work.
  • The tooth provides protection to the wheel, allowing tips to be closer together without extensive wheel wear. Now, plunge cutting can be undertaken with minimal wheel wear. Apart from the consumable tooth, everything else is protected.
  • Narrow sidewalls cause minimal resistance through the soil, resulting in an estimated 5% increase in performance and much less debris to clear up behind you.

  • Stronger, more durable, wear sharp tips last longer and pack more of a punch.
  • No separate threaded insert, so the thread gets changed every time you change the tooth, which, in turn extends the life of the bolt.
  • One tool does all - The M12 thread winds into the keeper block and effortlessly jacks it out, allowing the tooth to lift out of the retaining slot. The other end of the tool is used to wind the M10 bolt back in to secure the assembly.
  • MT1 holds the tooth firmly into the slot, but the actual location in the slot can vary when the slot wears or when there are extra large impacts. MT2 holds the tooth firmly in the same position all the time, resulting in optimum performance.